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Green Side Salad

Fresh romaine topped with house made croutons and cherry tomatoes. $3.95

Wedge Salad

Iceberg wedge topped with pepper bacon, blue cheese crumbles & blue cheese dressing. Served with grilled Parmesan cheese toast. $10.95

Chicken-Cobb SaladIMG_9810

Grilled chicken breast, blue cheese crumbles, bacon & hard-boiled egg on a lettuce bed. Served with grilled Parmesan cheese toast. $10.50

Chicken Breast Caesar Salad

Classic Caesar topped with grilled chicken breast. Served with grilled Parmesan cheese toast. $10.95

Taco Salad

Season ground beef, Cheddar, chiles, onions, olives & tomatoes, on refried beans and shredded lettuce. Presented in a deep-fried tortilla bowl and served with sour cream & housemade salsa. $10.95

Holman’s Chili

Housemade chili, topped with onions, grated Cheddar & sour cream. Served with cheese toast. $5.95

Burgers & Fries

All burgers are cooked to order & served with hand-cut fries or one of our many potato options. All buns may be substituted with gluten-free bread or lettuce wrap at no additional charge!

Classic Burgers on a Sesame Bun

Holman’s Burger & Fries

Big ⅓ pound patty on grilled sesame seed bun topped with your choice of cheese, lettuce & our special sauce. $7.95

Farm to Table Burger & Fries

Topped with crisp bacon, and a fried egg and melted American cheese. $9.95

BC Burger & Fries

Holman’s classic bas two burger patties topped with your choice of two cheeses and all the trimmings. $10.50

Peanut Butter Bacon Burger & Fries

Generously smeared with chunky peanut butter and topped with crisp bacon. $9.95

Chili Burger & Fries

Burger Patty on a grilled bun, served open-face and smothered in house made chili, topped with diced onions and shredded Cheddar. $10.25

Veggie Burger & Fries

We found the best locally made veggie patty and topped it with cheese & and all the trimmings! $9.25

Old School Burgers

Swiss Burger & Fries

Large hand-formed burger patty topped with melted Swiss cheese on a grilled French roll. Served with au jus for dipping. $10.50

Donna Burger & Fries

Large hand-formed patty topped with ham, American & Swiss cheese, lettuce & tomato on a grilled hoagie bun. $11.95

New School Burgers on a Pub Bun

Cracked Pepper Burger & Fries

Topped with our thick cracked pepper bacon and pepper jack cheese. $9.75

‘57 Burger & Fries

Topped with our delicious pepper-bacon-caramelized-onion-honey sauce & Swiss cheese. $9.95

Platinum Burger & Fries

Wow! Topped with grilled bacon & roasted garlic, the smothered with our gorgonzola sauce. $10.50

‘Shroom Burger & Fries

Topped with sauteed fresh mushroom slices, Swiss cheese & Worcestershire sauce. $8.95

Sandwiches & Fries

All sandwiches are served with hand-cut fries or one of our many potato options. Substitute gluten-free bread on any sandwich for $1.00

Staple Sandwiches

BLT & Fries

Grilled bacon, crisp iceberg lettuce and sliced tomato on white toast. $7.25IMG_9896

Sub cracked pepper bacon for $2.95

Patty Melt & Fries

Burger patty, grilled onion slices, melted American and Swiss cheese with 1000 island dressing on grilled rye bread. $8.95

Grilled Cheese & Fries

Childhood favorite with your choice of cheese (American, Cheddar, Swiss, Pepper Jack or Provolone) and your choice of bread, too. $6.95

Add bacon for $1.50

Add cracked pepper bacon for $2.95

Clubhouse & Potato Salad

The classic triple-decker made right, with a mound of sliced turkey, crisp grilled bacon, sliced tomato and lettuce on white toast. Served with potato salad. $9.95

Reuben & Fries

Thin-sliced corned beef, crunchy sauerkraut, melted Swiss cheese and 1000 island dressing on grilled rye bread. $9.25

Veggie Reuben & Fries

The veggie version of our famous Reuben. This locally made veggie patty is topped with crunchy sauerkraut, melted Swiss cheese and 1000 Island dressing on grilled rye. $9.75

Signature Sandwiches

Buffalo Chicken & Fries

Crispy deep fried chicken strips tossed in Frank’s hot sauce and topped with blue cheese crumbles. Served on grilled sourdough. $9.95

Pulled Pork & Fries

This pork is dry-rubbed and slow-roasted overnight, then tossed with sweet BBQ sauce to achieve it’s amazing flavor! Then it’s piled on a pub bun and topped with our housemade coleslaw. $9.95

Chicken Cobb & Fries

Grilled chicken breast, topped with crisp strips of bacon, blue cheese crumbles and lettuce on a grilled pub bun. $10.25

Comfort Sandwiches

French Dip & Fries

A huge stack of sliced roast beef on a grilled French roll, with sauteed onions, grilled fresh mushroom slices and melted Swiss cheese. Served with au jus for dipping. $11.50

Hot Turkey Sandwich

Sliced turkey piled high on top of white bread, served open-face with mashed potatoes, gravy and cranberry sauce. $9.95

Steak Sandwich & Fries

Top sirloin steak, cooked to order and served on grilled cheese toast. Served open-face with choice of potato. $11.95

Monte Cristo & Fries

This French toast triple-decker is stuffed with sliced turkey, sliced ham, melted Swiss & American cheeses, then it’s grilled and dusted with powdered sugar! $10.95

From the Fryer

Served with a generous portion of our famous hand-cut fries or one of our many potato options.

Corn Dogs

A pair of classic hot dogs on a stick! Battered, deep fried and tasty. $7.95

Fish & Chips

Deep fried battered cod with tartar sauce, and a side of our housemade coleslaw. $12.50

Chicken Strips

Meaty strips of breast meat, deep fried and served with served with a side of housemade coleslaw. $9.95


Add a Green Salad or Cup O’ Chili for $1.50

Chicken Fried Steak

Platter-size steak prepared in-house, breaded and grilled, then smothered with country gravy. Served with mashed potatoes and grilled Parmesan cheese toast. $13.95

Top Sirloin Dinner

Juicy steak cooked to order, served on a sizzle platter with potato and cheese toast. $12.95
Top with melted blue cheese crumbles & sauteed mushrooms for $2.95